We’ve got your back when it comes to keeping your money safe. Rest assured, your money is always secure in your Step account, but it’s important to look out for outside scams and phishing attempts that pose a risk to your security.

As the first Step in your financial journey, we’re here to provide the best resources to help you spot scammers right away. We’ve created this quick guide to help you keep your account and money safe and secure:

Best Practices

In the age of technology and social media, scammers are on the rise. Luckily, there are a few best practices you can follow to ensure you can spot their tricks right away.

Only communicate with Step using verified channels

You can reach us by sending us a message from your Step app, emailing us at hello@step.com, or sending us a direct message on Instagram (@StepMobile), Twitter (@Step) and TikTok (@Step).

Our social media handles are all verified with a blue checkmark - if an account without a blue checkmark reaches out to you, they are not with Step and are very likely a scammer.

Never share your personal information or login code with anyone

The Step team will never request your login code, your full card number or any bank account information. We’ll also never ask you to send us money in exchange for services (Step is totally free!)

Red Flags - How to Spot a Scam

  • Anyone texting or DMing you on social media (not from our verified account) claiming to be a Step representative, support member, or ambassador is likely a scammer

  • Promises of “free money” or ways to “flip” your money

  • Anything that seems too good to be true!

Reporting Scams

If you’re contacted by a scammer…

  • Do NOT reply

  • Block and report them right away

  • Decline any payment requests

Commonly Asked Questions

I think I’ve been scammed, how do I contact Step?

  • You can send us a message right from your Step app by tapping the chat icon in the upper right-hand corner of your home screen. If you’re unable to log in, please email us at hello@step.com. At this time, Step does not have a phone number.

Does Step give out free money?

  • We periodically reward our customers following us on social media by sending them $ and other prizes. Winners are notified via their Step app only, and Step will never DM you to let you know you’ve won or ask you to text/email us in order to claim your prize.

Someone online asked me to send them a payment for an item using Step, what should I do?

  • We don’t recommend sending funds to anyone that you don’t know and trust personally. Scammers often ask for payments for things like shoes, sold out electronics, pets, and more.

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