To be eligible to claim a referral (in most cases), the person referred will need to:

  • Be signing up for Step for the first time

  • Sign up using a phone number from a US cellular service (ex T-Mobile or Verizon) and not a VoIP phone number (ex: Google Voice)

  • Get a sponsor to unlock their account if they’re under 18, or verify their account if they’re over 18

  • Claim the referral reward within 14 days of opening their account

Additionally, the person referred may need to take additional actions to qualify for the referral reward. Some examples are:

  • Link an external account and add money to your Step Account

  • Send money to someone else on Step at least once

Please note that our referral program often changes and your referral reward may not be the same as someone else’s. To check your referral reward and what you need to do to earn a reward, please check the referral section of your app. If you don't see a referral section in your app, this program may not be available to you at this time.

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