You'll need some money in your Step account to start spending. Adding money is easy! Here are your options:

If you have another debit card in your name, you can link it to your Step account to instantly add money. Here's how:

  1. Tap on your icon in the top left-hand corner

  2. Tap on Linked Accounts

  3. Tap Link a New Account

You can transfer money into your Step account from other banking apps.

How to link to Venmo

How to link to Cash App

How to link to PayPal

You can link an external bank account so you can easily add to and withdraw from your Step Account! Here's how:

  1. Tap your account in the top-left to open the menu

  2. Tap Linked Accounts

  3. Tap Link a New Account

  4. Select Link a Bank Account and follow the steps to log in

Note: We use Plaid to link bank accounts. If you can't find your bank, you can still link your bank account by providing them your Step account and routing numbers.

Ask someone to send you money

You can request money from your sponsor or others on Step so they can instantly transfer it to your account! Here's how to request:

From the home screen of the Step App, tap the Request button located just below your account balance. Enter the following:

  • The amount you are requesting

  • Who you want the funds from using your contacts, their phone number or their Step username

  • Enter a note

The recipient will be asked via the Step app or by text message to complete the transfer. Once they do, you'll see the money in your account right away.

Set up direct deposit

Got a job? That's awesome! Most employers give you the option to deposit your paycheck right into your bank account on each payday, rather than sending you a paper check. To set this up, your employer should ask for your account number and routing number.

Can I deposit cash or a check?

At the moment, we don't offer the ability to deposit cash or checks into your account. Stay tuned!

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