Here at Step, we’re passionate that banking should be accessible to everyone. That means no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, no account minimums, and no fees to get started and have a Step Account.

So how do we make money?

We get that question a lot! Unlike traditional banks that make money by charging you fees, Step makes money from ‘interchange’ fees paid by the merchant bank.

When you use your Step Card, card networks collect a service fee (kind of like a tax for the merchant charging your card), and Step gets a percentage of that fee. That means we don't have to rely on traditional fees and we can pass those savings on to you.

What about other types of fees?

You may run into charges associated with some types of products or charged by external partners. Here’s a quick rundown of charges you might see:


  • We’ve partnered with the VISA Plus Alliance to bring you free ATMs across the country. Check out our ATM Map in the app to find a free ATM near you!

  • If you go to an ATM outside of our network, you’ll be charged a service charge by the ATM operator. Step does not charge additional out-of-network fees.

Cash Deposit:

  • Merchants will charge $3.95 per cash deposit.

  • Step’s got your back – your first 2 deposits are on us.

Card Replacements:

  • Step provides you with 2 free card replacements for your physical card.

  • To help cover card printing and shipping costs, you’ll be charged $5 for in-app replacements after that

  • Top tip: It’s free to replace your virtual card. Make sure you use your virtual card online for safety!


  • We’re excited to be partnering with ZeroHash to provide cryptocurrency investing services!

  • When you buy and sell crypto**, there’s an included “spread” – which means that the price includes a 2% markup to help cover our costs


* The Step Visa Card and Account is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. Pursuant to license by Visa.

**Cryptocurrency services powered by Zero Hash

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