Two cards are definitely better than one, especially when on is virtual! Your Step Virtual Card is a second card linked to your Step account that you can use to spend your balance.

How do I create and find my Virtual Card details?

  • Under your balance, tap Manage Card

  • Select Virtual Card

  • View your card number, expiration date, and CVV.

Why do I need a Virtual Card?

1. It's instant!

You get a Step Virtual Card the day you sign up for Step and get an adult to sponsor your account (or verify your identity if you're over 18). That means you can start spending right away, before your physical card comes in the mail!

2. It's safe!

Your Step Virtual Card is also a safe and easy way to make purchases online or in-store with your mobile wallet.

3. It's easy to replace!

If your Virtual Card number ever gets compromised, meaning someone other than you uses it, you can instantly replace it without having to wait for a new physical card to come in the mail.

What's the different between my physical card and my Virtual Card?

Your Virtual Card has a different card number, expiration date, and CVV (the 3 digits normally on the back of the card). This makes it easy to replace one without replacing the other!

Your name and billing address are the same for both cards.

How do I use my Virtual Card?


We recommend using your Virtual Card for all online purchases. When you're checking out on a site, just enter the card number, expiration date, CVV, and billing address. We've put together a few tips for paying online with either of your cards.

Mobile wallet

As soon as your Virtual Card is unlocked by your sponsor (or by ID verification if you're over 18), you can instantly add it to a mobile wallet like Google Pay or Apple Pay. When you want to shop, just head to a store and pay with your card using your contactless mobile wallet as usual.

How do I replace my Virtual Card?
If you ever need to replace your virtual card, just open up your Virtual Card under Manage Card (see instructions above) and tap Replace Virtual Card. We’ll cancel the old card and give you a new card number right away.

You’ll still be able to use the same physical card.

Tip: Remember that any time you replace a card, you'll need to update the card number anywhere you have it stored (including in your digital wallet).

Never share your card details with anyone, online or on social!

If you noticed a transaction you didn't authorize, someone else might have your card details. When this happens, always be sure to lock your card so that no one can use it.

Not sure which card was used for a purchase? Reach out to our team any time to check!

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