Did you know that your Step account is actually your own bank account? While your Step Card is great for shopping in store and online, you might occasionally be asked to link your bank account in order to make payments that can't be made with a credit card. One of the most common examples is paying your rent online. Here's a few tips to make sure you pay your rent securely, and avoid common mistakes.

Routing and account numbers

Your Step bank account has its own routing and account numbers that are unique to your account. Any time you're asked to link a bank account, you'll likely be asked for these numbers. It's kind of like a credit card number, but for your actual bank account.

How do I find my routing and account number?

  • Open the main menu (on the top left)
  • Tap Account Information
  • Tap Account & Routing Information

Before you get started: watch out for fraud or scams

Before you give your routing and account information to anyone, make sure you trust them. A good sign is if the website url begins with a “https://” and has a lock 🔒 symbol on the left.

If it is not there, try looking up the website on Google. Other people might be in the same situation and know more about the business. You can also contact your apartment manager to ask for the link directly.

Using your routing and account numbers to pay

When you go to the website for your rental, you may be asked a question like this:

Don’t click credit card! Many rental companies charge huge fees for payments through cards.

Instead, select eCheck! (eCheck is just an electronic payment made directly from the buyer's bank account.) Next, you should be prompted to enter your information on a page like this:

Enter your routing and account numbers as they are written in your Step account, and be sure to select Checking.

Avoid common mistakes

There are a few issues that can come up when trying to pay your rent through a bank. Here's two to remember:

  1. Transfers like this don't always get deducted from your account right away. Be sure not to spend the money in your account before the transfer is completed.
  2. Make sure you have enough money in your account to pay your full rent! Otherwise, your transaction will get declined and the rental company may charge a fee.
  3. Give yourself a few days before the deadline to make the transaction to ensure it goes through properly.

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