Shopping online

One of the best things about your Step Card is you can use it almost anywhere, including online.

If you're having issues at checkout, or if your card is getting declined, we have a few tips to help troubleshoot:

1. Make sure that you have money in your Step Account

You can only spend the money that's in your account, which means you must have the full amount for your online purchase. If you don't have the funds, your card will be declined.

The good news is that adding money is easy by linking a debit card, bank account, setting up direct deposit or requesting money from someone.

2. Check your billing address

The billing address for your Step Card is the address you signed up with, and it's where we first sent your card. If your billing address is different than your shipping address, double check that you've entered the correct address for each.

If you've made a change to your address since we've shipped your card, make sure to use the new address.

3. Double check the CVC

Your CVC, sometimes called a CVV or a security code is the three digits on the back of your card.

4. Double check the expiration date

Your expiration date is written on the front of your card in MM/YY format.

Using Google Pay or Apple Pay

If your card is getting declined while using Google Pay or Apple Pay, trying removing your card from your mobile wallet, and adding it again. You can remove the card from your phone's wallet, and reconnect from your Step app.

Here's how to link your card from the Step home screen:

  1. Tap on My Account (below balance)
  2. Select Manage Card
  3. Tap Add to Wallet at the bottom of the screen
  4. Follow your phone's instructions to add your Step Card to your digital wallet

If you're still having issues, please contact our team.

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