Alright, so you're almost ready to get started with Step. Here are the features you should definitely know about:

Step bank account

Your very own bank account where you can keep all of your money from jobs, allowance, or gifts!

Step App

We make it easy to see and manage your money from anywhere. Use your Step app to view your balance, make transfers, take a look at your activity, and send or request money.

Step Card

We'll send you a Step Card so you can actually spend the money in your account anywhere. Shopping is easy when you can use your card in-store and online.

Instant transfers to friends

Just like with other apps like Venmo or Cash App, you can make instant transfers to your friends using Step.

Refer friends and earn

A bank that actually helps you earn money? That's us! Invite your friends and we'll send you $3 for each one that creates a Step account!

Plus, our team is always working to introduce new features! Stay tuned...

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