This is one of the trickier and more formal parts of banking. Sometimes, you'll see a charge you don't recognize, or you might have been charged for a product you never received, or maybe you didn't get a refund you were expecting.

Whatever the case, it's important to contact the merchant right away. A quick call or a chat with their online support will almost always help resolve the issue. The merchant could even offer you a refund on the spot.

If you're still not able to resolve the issue, you can contact our support and we can help you file a transaction dispute. This is a formal case filed with the bank that claims you are eligible to get the money refunded.

A few things to know about transaction disputes:

They require evidence

We need to make a strong case to the bank, which means providing evidence that you were wrongfully charged. This means photos of receipts, shipping confirmations, transcripts from a chat with the merchant's support team, etc. Transaction Dispute cases without evidence are rarely won.

The bank makes the call

While our team can help you file a claim, it's the merchant's bank that ultimately decides the outcome of the case. They review the evidence you provide, and have the opportunity to receive counter evidence from the merchant. It is up to the bank to make the decision and inform us.

It can take up to 120 days to receive a decision

The dispute process is long. It can take several months to hear back and there is always a chance that the case will not be ruled in your favor. The quickest way to resolve a dispute is to contact the merchant directly.

Our dispute process

To start the dispute process, simply open your app and tap into the transaction you would like to dispute. Then, open our support chat (in the top right corner) directly from that transaction screen.

From there, we'll ask you to fill out a form, submit evidence, and provide additional details.

Our team will then build a case and file it with the merchant's bank on your behalf. We will let you know of the decision once we hear back from the bank (up to 120 days later).

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