We make it easy to link your Step account to Cash App in two ways:

Link your accounts to transfer money into Step

You can link Step as an external bank to Cash App to transfer funds from your Cash App account to your Step account in 1-3 business days. To do this, you’ll need your Step Account and Routing numbers.

To find your Account and Routing numbers:

  • Tap on your initials in the top-left corner to open the main menu
  • Tap on Account Information
  • Tap on My Account

Once you have your account and routing numbers, open up Cash App and add a bank. You’ll need to add it manually - just type “a” in the search bar to bring up this option!

Please note: according to Cash App’s terms of service, it will ask you to attach a separate debit card before it will allow you to transfer between banking platforms.

Once your accounts are linked, you can select Cash Out then select Standard to send money from your Cash App account to your Step account (1-3 business days).​

Add your Step Card as a funding source

You can link your Step Card to Cash App as a funding source so you can send money to other people on Cash App. You do this by opening Cash App and looking for Linked Accounts.

Please note: Cash App charges a 3% fee on transfers using a credit card, like your Step Card. For example, if you send your friend $1, Cash App will charge your Step account $1.03

Still need help?

We recommend reaching out to Cash App support for expert advice!

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