We submit positive Credit Reporting for your monthly purchases so you can start building credit early in your financial journey.

What is credit?

Credit is your ability to borrow money.

When you start spending money with a credit card, you start to build a credit score. The better you are about paying back money you've borrowed, the higher your score will be.

That score basically tells lenders how likely you are to pay back your balance. For example, if you want to buy a car, you might set up monthly payments. If you have good credit, the car dealership understands that you are likely to pay every month, so they could offer you lower payments.

Is my Step Card a credit card?

Your Step Card is a credit card that functions just like a debit card. You can't spend more money than what's in your account, so you never have an outstanding balance to pay off. Because you never have a balance, we're able to submit a positive credit report that starts to build a good score for you.

It's great to get ahead and start building credit now. Good credit will be important when you're applying for student loans, opening new credit cards, or renting an apartment.

How do you report my credit if you don't have my SSN?

We can use your full name, address, and date of birthday to report your credit. That means its important to provide your real information so we can help you start building credit!

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