Congrats on your new job! Having a job in high school is a really good move - some studies have found that teens who have jobs early on develop good time management skills, are better at handling money, and even get better grades!

Now that you're getting a paycheck, here are some of the ways Step can help:

1. Set up direct deposit

Most employers give you the option to deposit your paycheck right into your bank account on each payday, rather than sending you a paper check. To set this up, your employer should ask for your account number and routing number (found in your account).

The best part is that you only need to set up direct deposit once, so you can just enjoy payday when it arrives!

2. Get paid by check card (or prepaid debit card)

Some employers will give you a debit card that they deposit your paycheck into every week. These function just like a debit card, so you'll need to add this card as a funding source to your Step account. Every time you get paid, you can instantly transfer money from your check card / pre-paid debit card into your Step account.

Coming soon..

We're working on adding:

  • Mobile check deposit
  • ATM cash deposits & withdrawals

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