You're already way ahead of the game. You have your own bank account, a credit card, and control over your spending. That's a great start, but developing good money habits early will help you later when you graduate high school and beyond.

With Step, you can quickly become a financial whiz and maybe even help your friends start their journey too! Here are 5 easy tips to keep in mind:

1. Use your Step Card to build credit

Every time you make a purchase with your Step Card, we submit a positive credit report on your behalf. Building good credit early will help you open up new credit cards later or get loans for school or cars.

2. Learn to budget

Ever wonder, "where did all my money go?". Sometimes a lot of little purchases can add up quickly, and you're left scratching your head.

Your Step app makes it super easy to know exactly what you're spending on by putting each of your purchases into categories like dining, entertainment, travel, and more. Get into the habit of checking out these spending categories, and set budgets for yourself so you don't overspend in one area - so you can save money for the things you really want!

3. Have financial conversations with your sponsor

Your sponsor might have some more experience with banking, and can give you great advice. Use this opportunity to sit down with them and ask questions, or read through some of our articles together.

4. Practice good money habits

Check in on your Step app often, be mindful of your balance, and don't lose your Step Card. These are great habits to start building now so that you're set up for success as you move on in your financial journey.

5. Let Step be your financial partner!

We built Step just for teens. That means we know that some of these concepts are new and even a little intimidating. That's why we're here to make it easy with articles, tutorials, and a team that's here to answer any question - no matter how simple or silly you think it may be.

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