The day your Step Card lands in your mailbox is a great day - finally, you can get out and get to spending! We want to remind you of a few security measures to keep in mind so that your money stays secure.

1. Don't post a photo of your card number

Anyone with your card number and name can use your Step Card. Be careful not to post or show anyone a photo of your Step Card that displays the full card number or other important info.

For the perfect Step Card selfie, be sure to cover the card number, or just show the front of the card, which has no personal information. Be sure to also tag @Step on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

2. Don't enter your card info on websites you don't trust

Your Step Card makes it easy to shop online, but it's important to look out for websites that could potentially steal or sell your information. A good rule of thumb is that if the site looks sketchy, it's best to avoid sharing your card details. Ask a parent or guardian or message our support team if you have questions about a specific website.

3. Don't share your phone passcode

Anyone who can unlock your phone, can get into your Step app. It's important not to share your phone passcode with anyone else so that only you can access your money.

4. Don't let your friends use your card

You are ultimately responsible for all of the purchases made on your card. It's best to keep it in your own wallet, and make sure that you personally authorize every purchase.

5. Don't spend more than your balance

Although your Step Card is technically a credit card, you still can't spend more than you have in your account balance. That means you never have to worry about overdraft fees or paying off your balance!

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